Sunday, November 14, 2010

Belated Birthday Card

My sister-in-law's birthday was a few days ago, but my husband forgot to tell me so that I could make a card in time. I still made a card, but we wound up sending it late. I decided to use a snail on the front because we were so slow in getting it to her.
I bought a stack of patterned paper at Michael's and also found some bling that was on clearance. So now I finally have a little more to work with. I will be even happier when I can finally unpack all my stuff and have a real craftroom to work in. That should be happening at the end of the month, that is when we are closing on our house at least. I guess it will take a few days to get my stuff unpacked. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Baby Boy Dinosaur

I made this cute little card the other day for my cousin's baby shower. I feel pretty limited when I don't have all my usual craft tools. I miss my embossing machine and folders, my glitter and Stickles and different embellishments. The only paper I have on hand now is some solid paper that my mother-in-law had in her stash, she is a quilter not a papercrafter. I made this card using what I have on hand, which isn't much in my opinion. I think it still turned out cute, it is just really simple compared to what I usually do. It is a 5"x5" card, using brown cardstock for the base. I used some green cardstock to cut a square 1/4" smaller than the brown. I then cut two circles at 4 1/2" and 4 1/4," using George and Basic Shapes and some brown and yellow cardstock. The dinosaur is from B is for Boy and cut at 4." I used Mickey Font for the "baby boy" sentiment. Baby is cut at 3/4" and boy is cut at 1," both are cut out of black cardstock.

Monday, November 01, 2010

I Got to Craft!

I actually got to do some crafting the other day! My mother-in-law was putting on a craft sale at her church and needed some signing for it. When I told her that I had my Cricut, all I had to do was unpack it, she got excited. I just had to buy some paper and cutting mats and I was all set. I had my Gypsy too, which is good since all my cartridges are packed. I was so excited to actually be able to use my Cricut, I've felt so deprived lately! I just found out exactly what she needed me to make and then I went to town. I had such a great time and here is the result.
I made the restroom sign first. My mother-in-law thought they would need a large restroom sign so that people would be able to see it from anywhere in the room. The letters are from Cricut Keystone and cut at 2 3/4." The man/woman signs are from Going Places and cut at 2 1/2." This sign really did work, you could definitely see it better than the little sign on the wall.
There was a door prize drawing every half an hour at the show, so I made a sign for that table. I used the tickets, cut at 4," from Fabulous Finds and then doodled around the edges to give them a little more dimension. The lettering is from Pooh Font Set and I welded it together. Both this sign and the restroom sign are mounted on black foamcore board.

I made two of these welcome signs, one for each entrance to the church. I also made arrows for the sign, but left them off because I didn't know which way they needed to point. When the signs were set up someone attached the arrows where they needed to be. This other sign was for the landing on the stairs. The landing has three or four classrooms so we wanted people to continue on downstairs, which is why I made this sign. I used Hannah Montana for the "welcome;" Stone Script for the "quilt show," and Country Life for the quilt and thread. I used Learning Curve for "book sale" and Everyday Paper Dolls for the book. I cut two of all of these for the two welcome signs. I used George and Basic Shapes for the "downstairs in the fellowship hall." The rest of the stuff I cut for these signs was cut three times. I used Gypsy Font for "craft sale" and Locker Talk for the scissors; Lovely Floral for "bake sale" and Everyday Paper Dolls for the cake; Ashlyn's Alphabet for "coffee cafe" and Lyrical Letters for the coffee cup; and Cricut Keystone for "restrooms" and Going Places for the man/woman sign.
I made four of these little 12"x12" signs for the book sale. They were just posted on the wall around where the books were being sold. I used All Mixed Up for "paperback," Don Juan for "hardcover," and Ashlyn's Alphabet for "antique." There was also a little coffee area for people to get something to eat and drink. Someone else had cut the "Coffee Cafe," but I knew that it was the Ashlyn's Alphabet font so I also cut "beverages" and "food" with that font and I used the icon feature for the coffee urn and cup. I used Sans Serif for to make the rest of the sign.
I heard that my signs received a lot of attention and I got a lot of compliments on them. :)