Monday, July 06, 2015

Viking Rag Quilt

 A while back I found this really cute fabric at work.  It has little cartoon Vikings on it and we carry it in a fleece, Ultra Cuddle, as a no-sew throw kit, and a flannel.  When I saw it as a flannel I knew I would love to make a rag quilt with it, but didn't want to make it for our house and I have no children, so I just let it be.  I kept coming back to it and when I mentioned it to my husband he suggested I make it for our camper.  That was a fantastic idea!  I got some of the fabric and found others I thought went well with it and today I finished the quilt.

I made the quilt to fit the mattress in our camper, it is about 63"x81."  The squares are 9" finished and I used a 1" seam allowance to give me a nice fringe.

Besides the Viking print, I had a wood grain print, plain orange, a gold with pale yellow polka dots, a dark green with lighter green spots, and a lighter green that has a slight cross-hatched pattern to it.  The back is a plain khaki color, which you can slightly see in the fringing. 

Here is a better look a the cute Viking fabric that inspired it all!

1 comment:

  1. beautiful quilt. Nice work.

    I belong to a ski club called the San Francisco Viking Ski Club. It would go right at home there. I would love to make one of the rag quilts - just no time.