Thursday, July 07, 2016

Bar Gift Set

This is the final post for all the wedding related stuff that I have made.  This post is of the gift I made my brother and sister-in-law for their wedding.  I made a bar gift set with a lighted wine bottle, wine glass holder, two wine glasses, and two low ball tumblers.

My husband used a drill with a glass drill bit to cut the hole most of the way through, then used a Dremel to finish off the hole.  It also helped polish the edges so it wasn't sharp.  We then strung a strand of 35 lights into the bottle and finished it off by corking it.

My husband also put a nice finish on the wine glass holder, it was unfinished when I got it.

My brother had t-shirts made for them when they were still just dating and on the front it had a picture of the two otters holding hands and on the back it said #teamawesome.  So, I used the otters for the glasses and also used a lemur (which is an inside thing for his wife).  I found a cute lemur, uploaded it into Cricut Design Space, then copied and flipped it.  I moved them close together and welded them together so it looks like they are kissing.  I also used their hashtag on the back of the tumblers and on the base of the wine glasses.  I then made stencils from vinyl for all of these, placed them on my glasses and used etching cream to create them.

Their wedding was in Colorado, so we brought their gift so that they could open it in front of us, although we will wind up shipping it to them (they live in Virginia).  They were blown away by it! 

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