Saturday, October 02, 2010

Winnie the Pooh Cards

These are the cards I made using my Winnie the Pooh cartridges. The top one is from Pooh and Friends. I used the frame feature for the card, it is about 5"x5" square. I cut out the peeking Pooh to peek over the frame and also cut out the Pooh snowman. I don't remember the sizes of the cuts though. The Santa hat that Pooh is wearing is also from the cartridge, I do know I had to play with size on that one to get it to fit his head. The bottom card is from the Pooh Font Set cartridge. The napping Pooh and the font are both from that cartridge. The card is 4 1/2"x4 1/2." The background paper is by Debbie Mumm and I thought it was perfect for the sentiment I was thinking of. I wish I was more help on sizes, but I made these so long ago that I just don't remember, and I can't pull them out and measure the sizes because they are all packed up. I hope you enjoy them regardless! :)


  1. cute!! :)

  2. Nice job. I bought this cartrdige for my daughter and I am suppose to wait until Christams to give it to her...hmmm...not sure if it is going to last! Your card wants me to pull it out now. : )