Monday, August 16, 2010

Northern Lights

This one is for the Fantabulous Cricut Challenge this week, which is "the great outdoors." This is a set of northern lights wall hangings I made for my house. The ironic thing...I have yet to see a really good display of the northern lights up here in Alaska. So far all I have seen is some mild greens, none of the fun colors. Maybe someday. These were created using 4"x12" canvases that I streched some northern lights fabric over. I used a home dec stapler to attach the fabric on. I then used the Camp Out cartridge to cut out the moose and wolf. I used the cut to length feature to make sure they fit the width of the canvas. I adhered them onto the fabric and then hung them in the arched pattern. I think I want to make some more and make it look even more like it is moving, but it will have to wait because I am making a set of these for a friend of mine who just moved from Alaska down to Georgia. I think she will appreciate them since she won't be able to see them anymore.


  1. What a wonderful wall decoration, Paula! I love the look of the northern light fabric. I know what you mean about seeing them in person...we've been to Fairbanks four times and haven't seen a really good display yet.

  2. Those are so attractive. I love them. I would also love to see the northern lights. I have only seen pictures of them. Thanks for sharing with us at FCCB

  3. What a beautiful project.

  4. What a fabulous idea - and the wall hangings turned out so wonderfully! I hope you get to see the Northern Lights in their full glory soon!
    Thanks for joining us at FCCB!

  5. These are awesome! Thanks for participating at FCCB! Leigh

  6. WOW. i love your work :) i grew up in the beautiful upper peninsula of michigan where we saw the northern lights often. im in cali now and miss seeing the sky with the gorgeous light display. thanks for bringing a sweet memory to me :)

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