Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sad Day

Well, I have packed up my Cricut and all my crafting supplies. :( That means I won't be able to do any crafting for a while. My husband has said that I will not be fun to live with for a while since I won't be able to create. ;) I think I will be a litte busy though...we have a heck of a drive coming up, then I have a wedding in Washington, then we are visiting family in Minnesota, and finally we have to find a place to live at our final destination. I will miss not being able to do any crafting for a few weeks. I will, however, be able to post older projects that I did this summer.

Earlier this summer I challenged myself to make a Christmas card with every cartridge I own. I have not been posting them because I wanted to wait until I was done. Well, I finished not too long ago, so I think this would be a good time to post them, since I won't be able to make anything new for a while. I do own more cartridges than when I started this challenge, but I only did the challenge for the ones I owned when I started, otherwise it would be neverending!!
So, for today I will post the card that started it all for me. I have been living in North Pole, Alaska (for 6 more days) and my husband is on the volunteer fire department up here. I was looking at the patch they wear and came up with a Christmas card that was inspired by it.

This is a pre-made A2 card. I cut the circles and the star from George and Basic Shapes, I couldn't tell you what size anymore. The state of Alaska came from 50 States. I cut it regular in silver cardstock, then with the shadow feature in white cardstock. I used a pencil to draw in the lines and then colored the red pieces with a marker. I used some striped cardstock for the pole and gold cardstock for the ball on top. I think I will probably wind up sending this to the North Pole Fire Department for their Christmas card...it seems fitting.

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  1. How absoutely awesome is that!! Hope you get to craft again soon! XOXO Momo