Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mickey Cartridges - Creation #4

Now that I have finished the invitations and the thank you cards I am working on the centerpieces for the birthday party.  I am making one main centerpiece for the cake or food table and then six other ones for the tables that everyone is sitting at.  I was given free reign in making the centerpieces.  I came up with making the main centerpiece a mix of all the Mickey and Friends characters and on each table a centerpiece devoted to each character.
Here is the main centerpiece:

I used three Styrofoam balls to create my mouse head, which I then painted black.  I stuck a lollipop stick in the bottom of it and then into the foam in the mason jar.  The number 3, which is the age of the little girl, is from the "Mickey Font" cartridge and cut at 2 1/2."

I used the "Mickey Font" cartridge for all the characters in the centerpiece as well.  Each character head is cut at 2 1/2."  I layered them all together and adhered lollipop sticks to the back.  I then arranged them below the Styrofoam mouse head.