Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blog Award!!

I was awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by Angie at Luvs2Scrapbook!! Thank you so much Angie! The rules of this award are to list 8 things about yourself and 8 other bloggers you would like to award it to. Well, here are 8 things about me:

  1. I LOVE movies....I always have something on in the background and own over 500 movies!
  2. I also love music. If I don't have a movie on there is music in the background. I wish I had my own soundtrack.
  3. My favorite food is spaghetti a la carbonara.
  4. I am a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.
  5. I love soccer and have been playing since I was in third grade. I am a goalie!
  6. I've never broken a bone.
  7. I've been a volunteer fire fighter and EMT since 2005.
  8. I used to be a cop in Montana.

It is hard to chose just 8 bloggers to give this award to. There are so many great blogs out there, but here is what I managed to come up with:

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