Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Coaster Set

I made this coaster set today as a Christmas gift for my brother's girlfriend. I have never met her, so I don't really know her likes and dislikes, so I am really hoping that she will like it.

The coasters are a pre-made wooden set that I found at a Ben Franklin. I painted all the coasters in, what the bottle said was ivory, but I think looks more like a buttery yellow. I then cut some felt about 1/2" smaller than the coasters for the bottoms. I used George and Basic Shapes to cut circles out of the yellow floral patterned paper that were the same size as the coasters. I then decorated the coasters with flowers and birds from Lovely Floral. The only flower not from that cartridge is the one on the top left, it is from Cindy Loo. I added some grape Stickles to every coaster, somewhere and then sealed them all with satin ModPodge. I painted the base the same ivory/yellow color as the coasters, but I did the sides in a light purple. I then added some gingham ribbon around the sides of the base. The base looked really plain at that point so I added some purple and green gems to match the purple/green color scheme I did on the coasters. I finished it all off by tying the set together with the same gingham ribbon I used on the edge of the base.